Benefits of Real Live Casino to Online Casino

Gambling offers ecstasy and fun to many people and also a mode of entertainment operating on money for betting. In a real live casino, you can gamble and have a good time as long as you follow and obey the regulation of the governing authorities.

However, the rate of thrill varies with the mode of gambling either online or real live play that varies with people for a variety of reasons. According to some people, gambling should be done for fun and not necessarily as a reliable source of income.

The Benefits of Live Casino

Social aspect

Gambling is a great game to play especially with friends being physically present. Nevertheless, share it gives a perfect chance for making new friends by gaming interaction shares a wide range of ideas.

The online casino has no social interaction since it is a purely online entity for gaming. I guess you need friends and having a social group to have some great moments with.

Live Casino

Atmospherical change

Getting prepared possibly on a Friday night to go for gambling can be an experience that is worth. Also being around people offers a great atmosphere for relaxing and having fun after a long day of working.

Online gambling, on the other hand, confines one to a sofa and no atmospheric change as compared to the real casino.

Available amenities

The well-furnished casinos, waitresses serving you drinks, the awesome shows, the fabulous dinners.

There is definitely something to get from the real casino in its luxuries compared to the online one where you will probably be on a sofa with no change to the day environment.

The experience of playing at a casino

There is nothing more enjoying like walking away from the cashier cage with your pocket full of dollars after a win and glancing at your friends in.

The online casino offers less of real thrill mostly as there is more than just a win.

System malfunction

This is a common problem that players encounter mostly online. This is always frustrating especially at peak seasons or peak hours where players are unable to get online of the system.

Real casino gambling is, therefore, the best place to be to avoid such cases especially when gambling with large amounts.

There are also cases of machines malfunctioning which may cost you as you and may lose in such situations.

Withdrawal Problems

Unlike with real casinos where the payouts are almost instant, withdrawing money online can be hectic.

Some casinos tend to verify and prove the player’s identity by asking for documents and this will take time. In cases of improper documentation, loss of money is inevitable as there is no transaction without proper documents.

The real casino has nothing to do with this as you will be present and verification is not required.

Transaction Fees

Depositing/withdrawing money from online casinos mostly comes at a price. Over time, the accumulations amount to a large sum. The real casino may involve transport cost but it is worth it since there are real feel and enormous experience with no such fee for the transaction.

Payment Timeframes

After a win, online casino has to follow the verification process and this may take at most two weeks, unlike a real land casino where you leave with your cash after a win and there is no time for follow-up like online which leads to more time loss.


Despite countless efforts put in place to regulate gambling in an online casino, there are still a rogue casino networks in operation.

Some have been in operation for years while others started out legitimate prior to blacklisting.

In a real casino, your presence guarantees your play as no one can illegitimately take away from you. Systems too can be hacked and figures altered which may lead to a great loss during peak hours.

The online casino has some advantages such as easy accessibility, convenient comfort, better odds, more private, one can play for less, safety is more guaranteed, less downtime and much more but it is of great worth to go for the real casino.

Depending on your personality real type of casino might be better for you. Gambling is a social activity for you, something done for fun and not as a source of money. Real based casinos are therefore best to end the day and have fun.

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